Congrats to Ray Rosettani

Congratulations to Ray Rosettani at RE/MAX Niagara Realty Ltd. on his social web presence!

About Ray:
As a Real Estate agent for over 25 years, there has not been a day that I have regretted my career path. We all experience stresses associated with work, but I really love my job and take great pride in it. My greatest reward in my career is assisting friends, family and new clients achieve what sometimes they foresee as unachievable in their Real Estate dreams.  The world of “Real Estate” is ever-changin, my team and I think it is very important to make sure we are keeping up with the growing demands of technology in order to meet our entire client’s needs.

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Introducing Strider Search Marketing

strider search marketing

We have partnered with Strider Search Marketing and our team is now working directly with their management team. This alignment of our businesses allows Kathy to focus on the overall digital strategy for clients and Strider to provide the project management, execution and customer support necessary to meet our clients needs.

About Strider Search Marketing: Strider was founded in 2008 with the simple goal of assisting new and established small businesses in achieving growth through the use of a variety of online marketing opportunities. That same year the Strider team was awarded first place in the the 2008 Bruce Clay International SEO Competition, an annual competition challenging professional online marketers around the world to benefit their preferred charities.

ryan freeman

Founder and President Ryan Freeman is a fifth-generation small business owner, and a first-generation (or “old school”) SEO practitioner whose career in online marketing began as a freelancer in 1994.

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How to create your Blogging Calendar

Being prepared always pays off. No doubt there will be weeks when you are just too busy or just don’t feel like it. Planning your blog posts and other online content can be very useful, especially through your busy season.Blogging and posting online is almost another way to think, absorb, and analyze information. Using a content calendar can help achieve an organization and plan to all of your thoughts.Tips for Content Planning Successdecide how many blogs you would like to post per week choose which day(s) you will post your blog each week you may decide to post a review on a local business on the last week of every month creating this sort of consistency will make your job easier and more enjoyable Just listed, Just Sold and Open House blogs should be posted ASAP for greater exposure and relevance, these posts should not be included in your Content Calendar, they should be in addition to your weekly posts as they are part of your listing marketing Blogging Method and StrategyBy employing Google Adwords, we recommend identifying 6 key categories that summarize your business

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How to create your Blogging Calendar

LinkedIn Strategy for Prospecting

If you want to build meaningful relationships with your prospects, it’s going to take some time to do. There are definitely some things you can do to save time; however.A) Your LinkedIn Strategy should include:3 parts content, 2 parts engagement, 1 part personality, and a dash of promotion Content: Consider the following questions as you develop and find content to post:How can you listen more and push less? Join conversations and answer posted questions. What are the most common questions asked of you?


LinkedIn Strategy for Prospecting

Congrats to Terry Pilger!

Congratulations to Terry Pilger on both his new blog as well as his success campaign for Town of Gravenhurst, District of Muskoka Councillor!

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Advertising With Google Retargeting

In the world of internet marketing, one of the most creative and interesting opportunities for advertisers is Google Retargeting. According to Google, retargeting is the process whereby “When the customer visits the target website, the customer gets a special cookie on their computer that you design. This cookie identifies the user, and it’s used to relay that information to other sites on the Google display network. Depending on the website or websites that your customer visits, they are a part of a particular audience. You can have many audiences

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Advertising With Google Retargeting

Congrats to Pamela Johnston!

Congratulations to Pamela Johnston, Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager at Dundee Goodman Private Wealth on her new social web presense!

Get to know Pamela:
“At DUNDEE GOODMAN PRIVATE WEALTH, my team of professionals and I will partner with you to help you navigate the kinds of issues that have a direct impact on your financial, emotional, and spiritual life. Success means something different to everyone. That’s why my goal is to empower you to truly own your success, redefine it in your own terms, and find the life you are meant to be living. That’s what Redefining Success is all about.”

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Congrats to Shirley Arthur!

Congratulations to Shirley Arthur, Barrie Real Estate Sales Representative at RE/MAX Crossroads!

Shirley is an obvious choice when buying and selling your house. She has over 25 years in real estate sales and service. This experience has provided her with numerous helpful incites and experiences which she finds come in handy and sometimes provides a laugh.
Shirley’s knowledge will help you make an informed decision on your next purchase or sale. This along with her hard work and dedication to her clients makes her real estate client’s experience a terrific one!

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Congrats to Step by Step Professional Family Foot Care!

Congratulations to Al Ladhani and Step by Step Professional Family Foot Care on their new social web presence!

 Step by Step Professional Family Foot Care works to help people live healthy, active lives. If you are suffering from pain or discomfort in your feet or lower back, have diabetes, sports injuries, or simply have overworked, tired feet, give Alnoor Ladhani and Step by Step Professional Family Foot Care a call; he’d love to get started on finding your perfect solution! And remember, children can also have foot pain; his clinic is a one stop shop for foot pain relief for the whole family.

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Advertising on YouTube

YouTube Integrates with Google+…Yes even the comments On November 18, 2013 / Blog, Branding, Google+, Optimization, Social Media Optimization, YouTube / 1 CommentGoogle has integrated its two most powerful social networks to become one. This move improves usability and the quality of interactions. There are however many questions and confusions surrounding this new switch, it will take some time before YouTube users have made the switch and things resume their normal flow.Here is an overview of how Google+ and Youtube will be combined.IdentityGoogle is not forcing you to use your real name, there are different options for how you can go about integrating your Youtube identity with Google+. The goal is that each user will have one Google+ Profile Identity, ideally Google would have this be your real name.

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Advertising on YouTube