Social Media is where you’ll find your customers

Businesses spend billions on marketing to reach customers. When I decided to launch my retail business online, I did the research. Where are people today? Online!! How do I reach these people – marketing! Therefore, people + internet = social media. Now wading through the numerous social networks to find and transition leads to customers is a little more complicated and time consuming, thats where over 20 years of business and technology experience comes in….stay tuned for The Social Marketing Touch! In the meantime, enjoy this video:

About Kathy Hogeveen

As a Marketing Technologist, I lead a consulting firm that equips clients with the development of their social web presence. Our team does creative website design, social media branding and mobile web marketing. We teach one on one, via webinar and live to audiences of all sizes. Our high tech high touch approach keeps clients relevant online today.

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